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    Become a Casino Dealer at PCI Dealer School

    PCI Dealer School, Las Vegas, Nevada, was the one of the first Casino Training Schools to be profiled on both the Discovery Channel and Travel Channel.

  • PCI Dealer School, (Personalized Casino Instruction) was founded in 1985 by Joel Lauer, and licensed by the Commission on Post Secondary Education at that time.
  • PCI is the Oldest Dealers School in Nevada, boasting same family ownership. Our methods of training have remained virtually unchanged since our inception.

Jesse Lauer, Owner of PCI Dealer School, Las Vegas & Henderson, has dealt the table games at various Casinos, predominantly for the Hilton Corporation. In addition to his practical experience, Mr. Lauer also taught at the Clark County Community College, as well as done consultant work. The vast majority of the actual supervision and training over the years at PCI was performed by Mr. Lauer, who vows to maintain the same professional atmosphere initially introduced to PCI many years ago.

Over the past nearly 30 years, PCI has acquired a reputation with Las Vegas , (& others), Casino managers for producing well prepared graduates who are ready to handle the Casino action. We pride ourselves on not only the instructional techniques that we utilize, but also the attentiveness towards the Student’s needs, both during and after the schooling. It is our intent at PCI to ensure that all Student’s receive proper training, as well as making sure that all Graduates receive Career Placement Assistance.


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