Career Placement

Our career placement program consists of a number of “entry-level” casinos. many of which are in the Las Vegas and surrounding areas.  PCI Dealers School has always had  a very high placement ratio of which we are very proud. We are also proud to have maintained this high placement ratio for over a 1/4 century. Although no vocational school is permitted by law to guarantee career placement for any individual, PCI’s track record indicates a very successful ratio of graduates getting placed into the Las Vegas Casino dealing positions, as well as some other facets of the Casino industry. PCI thanks you for considering utilizing our services, as we promise to make your experience at PCI as pleasant as possible.

UPDATE!!!  PCI has gained 8 more Las Vegas properties for our Graduates just this year alone.

PCI presently has an overabundance of jobs for our Graduates.

Please call or come in for details.

(702) 877-4PCI (4724)