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Take advantage of PCI Dealer School’s reduced tuition rates on our popular multi-game packages.
These programs consistently track our highest placement percentages.


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We also offer the Econo/PAYGO PROGRAM.

$400 per 4-weeks

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There are limitless combination packages PCI Dealer School can put together for you.
If there is something that you do not see here, please call us at 702-877-4PCI for a price on your specific package.

 Blackjack – Dice – Roulette – $799.00
Dice – Roulette – $699.00
Blackjack – Dice – $449.00
Blackjack – Roulette – $399.00

More popular programs to choose from:

Blackjack – $299.00
Baccarat – $299.00
Pai Gow Poker – $299.00
Dice  -$399.00
Roulette – $399.00
Blackjack, Baccarat  – $399.00
Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker – $399.00
Poker (excluded from 3-game special) –  $599.00
(please call prior to registering).
Blackjack, Dice, Pai Gow Poker –  $699.00
Carnival Games  -$149.00
Hard Copy Manuals  -$20.00