PCI Dealer School, Inc


Table Games Division
4575 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV 89103


Edition XXII


As a Student at PCI Dealers School, you will learn how to apply your training in a Las Vegas style Casino atmosphere.Our philosophy is, that you, the Student, not only learn the proper procedures in which to deal the games, but also how to cope with the environment. You will ultimately become a professional, just as your trainers. Each Student will be instructed in the proper procedures of dealing at a level suitable to obtain the proper speed, accuracy and game protection in order to make that Student a desired employee in the gaming industry. PCI strives to maintain a high placement ratio, as well as graduation rate.



Locacted at 4575 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada, is a 1400 square foot facility which contains ten Blackjack tables, one Dice table, a Roulette table, Poker tables, Pai Gow and Baccarat tables. Restroom facilities are on the premises. PCI’s normal Class sizes range from 10-30 Student’s.



PCI, also known as Personalized Casino Instruction, was founded by Joel Lauer and William Zender in 1985. Shortly thereafter, PCI had become licensed by the Commission on Post Secondary Education. Both Mr. Lauer & Mr. Zender have dealt the table games for several years, as well as taught college courses for resort games. To date, Mr. Jesse Lauer has sole ownership of PCI Dealer School.



Prospective Student’s will be interviewed by a School representative. The repesentative will will explain PCI’s institutional philosophy, course content, & will discuss career opportunities in the Casino industry.

If enrolling in a Program, the applicant must be 21 years of age by the date the Student is scheduled to graduate. One must also meet the requirements in obtaining a “police card”.




After acceptance into PCI, actual enrollment will be handled accordingly,. As with the enrollment, actual class start times will be discussed on the interview. Even though the class starting dates may remain the same, ending dates may vary slightly, according to the Student’s progress. Pre-enrollment is encouraged because PCI tries to limit the class sizes to ensure that all Students’ receive the proper attention.



The School operates continually, with the exception of the following holiday closures: New Years Day, MLK Day, President’s Day,  Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.



Monday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday – Appointment Only/Auditions Prep

You may also register online at anytime at www.pcidealerschool.com, and by doing so, you will have an open line of communication with the owner, Jesse Lauer, outside of normal class hours. This will permit you to ask any pertinent questions that you may have.
PCI is in full compliance with Title IV, (Civil Rights Act of 1954), and Title IX, (Education Act of 1972). Although the most prevalent age group is 21-40, men and women, above the age of 21, are hired in this industry.




CRAPS/DICE/ Estimated hours needed to complete: 100 at 5 weeks. Tuition includes dice handouts.The skills that each Student will be required to learn to complete the Craps course are as follows: Introduction to the game/Chip cutting/Dice calls, procedures/Relative positions/General procedure/Pass line bets/Come bets, odds/Place,buy bets, odds/Don’t pass, come with odds/Lays,hops/Change making and Casino procedures.

BLACKJACK/ Estimated hours needed to complete: 80 at 4 weeks. Tuition includes Blackjack handout. The skills that will be required to complete the Blackjack are as follows; Introduction to the game/ Shuffling/ Card delivery/ Totaling cards/ Chip cutting/ Game procedures/ Blackjack payoffs/ Insurance handling/ Shoe/ Multi-decks/ Casino procedures.

ROULETTE/ Estimated hours needed  to complete; 100 at 5 weeks. Tuition includes Roulette handouts. The skills that each Student will be required to learn to complete the Roulette is as follows: Introduction to the game/ Pay offs and amounts/ Dealing procedures/Spin/Chip cutting and mucking/Stack pushes,change making/ Casino procedures.

MINI/MIDI BACCARAT/ Estimated hours needed to complete: 60 at 3 weeks. Tuition includes all handouts. The skills that are required to learn to complete the Mini Baccarat are as follows; Introduction to the game/Card shuffling and delivery/Card totals/Chip usage/Game procedure/Change making/Multi deck procedure/Casino procedures/Bet positioning/Bank,Player hand wagers/Commission.

PAI GOW POKER/ Estimated hours needed to compete: 60 at 3 weeks. Tuition includes all handouts. The skills that are needed  to complete the Pai Gow Poker Course are as follows; Introduction to the principles/Background/Change making/Cutting, sizing/Shuffle, deck cut/Layout of hands/Distribution/Card handling/Casino,general game procedures/Moving bank/Payoffs and commission/House rules.

PCI reserves the right to terminate a Student who: fails to attend class for eight consecutive days;is tardy for more than 1/2 hour for twelve consec. days;mailiciously destroys School property;engages in unlawful conduct contrary to the best interest of the School;displays disruptive behavior that interferes with others. In the event that the applicant is rejected by the School, the applicant is entitled to all monies paid. If the applicannt wishes to cancel within three School days after signing the Agreement, all monies are to be refunded. A registration fee is to be charged to those that wish to cancel AFTER three School days, providing no School has been attended. For those that enter the Program and withdraw, or are terminated, any refund will be based on hours attended. The effective date of withdrawal will be the date of receipt of notice of intent, or if no notice is given, measured from the last date of attendance.




Your future employer will not tolerate tardiness or poor attendance, especially in this particular Industry. PCI applies the same regulations. Eight consecutive absences may result in termination. Tardiness for more than 1/2 hour for twelve consecutive days will result in a written warning. Tardiness for four or more days will result in termination.



In case of prolonged illness, or death in the family, or any other reason that would make it impossible for the Student to complete the Program, PCI will execute a fair and equitable settlement.



A skill level checklist based on a percentage will be used to properly evaluate each Student’s progress in their particular skills to be learned. This will take place at the completion of each skill.



90-100 – Excellent  A
80-89  Good    B
70-79 Average C
60 – 69 Below Average D
50-59 Fail F
** Incomplete I

** Incomplete will be given in the event of either termination/withdrawal. Any Student that does not advance to their, or the instructor’s satisfaction, may receive additional instruction in order to complete that level, (see repeating class). Any Student that does not complete all skill levels will not receive a Certificate of Completion. All Student’s will be given an additional 50% of their allotted course hours in which to complete their course. The School will also grant credit for previous courses taken, & actual Casino experience, when the Student enrolls in additional Programs. Graduates @ PCI Dealers School will receive a Certificate of Completion upon graduation.



Clock hours are defined as follows:

A clock hour is one class period of 50 minutes in length, consisting of lectures, demonstrations, practical application & similar activities.



The School’s classes are limited in size from one to twelve Student’s per instructor. This will ensure that each Student receives the proper attention.



It is the School’s main objective to produce confident, employable & proficient dealers in the skills related to Blackjack, Dice, Roulette, Mini-Baccarat, & PaiGow Poker, at an entry level for the program(s) of their choice.



PCI defines satisfactory progress as a method in which we assess the progress & growth in the Student’s knowledge while in training. PCI’s satisfactory progress is set forth by the following standards:

* A cumulative gpa of at least 1.0 at the end of the first 25% of a course, at least 1.5% midpoint, and at least 2.0 at the conclusion of a course.

* Graduation in the minimum time frame. A Student is required to complete their Program within one and one half times the normal time frame. Any Student not completing their Program within this time frame will be terminated from their Program. Time missed due to authorized leaves of absence shall be exempt.

* Dismissal. In the event a Student fails to meet the minimum gpa, or fails to complete the Program within the maximum time frame as set forth above, the Student may be terminated. The School director may warrant placing the Student under probation should extenuating circumstances exist.

* Any Student not meeting satisfactory progress as defined herein, shall be notified, in writing to their last known home address, that they continued unsatisfactory progress will result in termination from their course of study.

* Any incomplete received by a Student at the conclusion of a Program due to special circumstances shall revert to a grade off’ after a period of 30 days.

* Repeating classes. A Student may repeat, @ no additional charge, any portion of a Program that he/she did not understand. However, the maximum time frame requirement will be effect &. if the Student retakes an exam, the second grade will substitute for the first, even if it’s lower.

* Probation. Should a Student’s gpa fall below the standards set forth in item 1, an advising session will be scheduled with a School official. At this time the Student will be placed on probation, during which period the Student will receive individual assistance from an instructor. The Student will then be required to retake the exam in which he/she earned an unsatisfactory grade. The second grade replaces the first, even if it is lower. If the Student does not meet the requirements of satisfactory progress, the Student may face termination.



Student’s that have been dismissed for attendance reasons may apply for readmission upon providing proof to the School that the circumstances leading to the dismissal have been corrected, & they will be capable of maintaining satisfactory progress.



Student’s that find it necessary to be absent for an extended period of time, not to exceed 30 working days, must send in a written notice for the leave PRIOR to the absence.



Student’s are required to make up all assignments and work missed as a result of absences. The instructor may assign additional make up work to be completed for each absence. This will be assigned as outside work. Make up work does remove or excuse absences. Tests missed due to absences must be made up on the day the Student returns to School, unless previously arranged with the School.



PCI expects the Student’s to conduct themselves in an adult manner at all times. The following are forms of which are considered to be misconduct: Theft of School/personal property/ Fighting/ The use, sale of illegal drugs on the School premises. Possession of firearms on School premises. These are grounds for immediate dismissal. All Student’s that enroll at PCI are responsible for their own actions, & must adhere to verbal/written rules.



In order to graduate & receive a Certificate of Completion @ PCI, a Student must: Satisfy the Course requirements for their individual Program of study, and have satisfied all financial responsibilities or any outstanding liabilities to the School.



A Student may be suspended due to violations of the attendance policy, personal conduct rules or for behavior problems. A Student may reapply for class only after the specified suspension period is satisfied.



Termination actions are for situations which warrant more severe action than suspension. Student’s who are terminated from the School & fail to apply an appeal, may not re-enroll.



No applicant shall be rejected from admission into the School on the basis of age, race, color, sex or national origin, nor be subjected to any discrimination based on the above while attending Class.



PCI admits as regular Students those with minor handicaps. However, due to the nature of the training, as well as the occupation, individuals with major handicaps must schedule an appointment with the School. The School will admit as regular Student’s those individuals whose handicaps ; would not create a hazard to themselves or their training, would not interfere with their ability to benefit from the Program, would afford them a reasonable career placement potential. The School has no special facilities or services for the handicapped.



Student’s should be aware that Nevada state law requires that casino dealers be a minimum of 21 years of age prior to the time of application for the work card. Applicant’s should also be prepared to produce a birth certificate, social security card & possibly, a picture i.d.card.



Graduate services. The primary goal of the Career Placement Service is to assist Student’s in finding positions that may match their ability & their training experience. However, accreditation standards do not permit any School to guarantee career placement to the Student’s. Career Placement Assistance is also available to the Student’s in future years when graduates contemplate a change in employment. Priority is given accordingly by seniority.

PCFs Career Placement Service provides counseling in job search, interview & audition techniques, as well as assistance in obtaining information about available jobs. The graduate should remember that the final decision as to who will be hired rests entirely with the employer. Such factors as classroom attendance, training, character, personality traits, appearance & the ability to converse with ease will be considered.

Confidence is a very important factor in a successful job search. Some points that the graduate should be aware of to assist in a successful job search are:

Successful job hunting is in itself a full time job & graduates must be prepared to make the full time effort. Attend the School’s Placement Service counseling. Follow-up is a critical aspect of the job search process. The School must be kept informed by the graduate of all auditions, positive or negative, changes in appointments, changes in the Student’s status.

Presentation. Graduates must be prepared to present themselves in the best possible manner by exhibiting a confident, professional attitude & behavior, proper attire, promptness to interview. Job auditions, interviews & leads are treated as an individual matter for each graduate. Therefore, confidentiality between the Student & the Placement Advisor must be maintained until the process is completed and employment is secured. In order to enhance the employment potential of each graduate, the School must be notified immediately when employment is secured. The School reserves the right to withhold placement assistance to those that do not adhere to the intent of the Placement Office objectives, who do not graduate, are delinquent in their financial obligations to the School, or are terminated from a position secured through the School for misconduct.



Individual advising sessions & tutoring are available throughout the Student’s time in School to aid in the Student’s education & guidance which is necessary to complete the training & obtain employment.



In compliance with the policy of the School, Student’s that have a valid complaint that concerns the School in any way, shape or form are invited to discuss their problem with their instructor. If a solution is not reached at this point, the Student may follow these steps in moving the complaint; Chief Instructor/School Director/ School Owner.



If a Student feels that his or her complaint is not being handled in accordance with the School procedure, and after a written complaint has  been filed with the School, the School keeps posted the appropriate State agency that the Student may contact to further move his/hers complaint.



The School reserves the right to make changes in the curriculum & equipment to reflect the latest technology, or to modify class hours.



Student’s who wish to appeal the determination that they are not maintaining satisfactory progress, their suspension, or termination must submit a letter to the School Director. This letter shall explain any circumstances that the Student feels deserve further attention. The School Director has the final right of review in all matters of “rights to appeal”.



A Student may repeat any portion of a Program that he/she did not fully understand. There will be no additional fee to repeat the ti aining, however, the Student must be aware that their date of graduation will be extended when repeating a module.



Successful completion of a gaming School is an important step in becoming a gaming employee. However, State law requires that gaming employees hold a gaming permit. Anyone with an arrest history may not be allowed to hold a work permit, &, consequently, may not become a gaming employee. Listed below are typical causes for denial of a gaming work card, with more recent arrests or violations being given greater emphasis.


If a person has committed, conspired or attempted to to cheat at gambling or committed any violation of any law. pertaining to gaming in any jurisdiction.

  1. If a person has committed, conspired or attempted to embezzle from a licensed gaming establishment.
  2. If a person has committed, conspired or attempted to commit any violent crime.
  3. If a person has committed, conspired or attempted to commit any form of theft which is a felony
  4. or gross misdemeanor including robbery, burglary, embezzlement, larceny, etc.
  5. If a person has committed, conspired or attempted to commit any crime of theft including petit larceny, petit embezzlement, shoplifting, etc.
  6. If a person has committed, conspired or attempted to distribute or sell illegal narcotics.
  7. If a person has failed to disclose, misstated or otherwise attempted to mislead the Board with
  8. respect to any material fact contained in an application for a gaining card.
  9. If a person is currently on parole or probation.
  10. If a person has an extensive criminal record.







Absence; A Student that misses a class that is held during the hours listed in this Catalogue,

  1. Excused absence; Ant absenteeism from a Class that was forced on the Student for various reasons, such as a family illness, transportation issues, etc,
  2. Unexcused absence; Any absenteeism from class that does not fall under the above definition,
  3. Tardiness; Any Student that is not present for Class during the hours listed in this Catalogue.



The following refund policy meets the minimum refund standards dictated by NRS 394.449.


A student who cancels his enrollment in a course prior to that course’s beginning date shall be entitled to a refund of tuition paid minus an amount equal to 10% of the tuition. This is provided that NO classes have started for that Student. Example: a student who pays $300 for the course withdraws before the start date of the course will be given a $270 refund ($300 -10% = $270).


A student who withdraws from or is expelled by PCI DEALER’S SCHOOL, INC. after the beginning date of course instruction, but prior to 60% of that course being completed, shall be entitled to a refund of tuition paid, minus REGISTRATION fee equal to 10% of the tuition, and a daily pro rated fee. Example: a student who pays $300 for the course withdraws before 60% of the course is completed.There are 20 total course days which equal $15.00 per day. The student withdraws on day 4. The refund would be $185.00, ($300 x 10% = $30 | $15.00 x 4 days = $60.00 | $300 – $30 – $60.00- $25., books = 185.00). -5% additional for visa/me charges.


A student who withdraws from or is expelled by PCI DEALER’S SCHOOL, INC. after 60% or more of the course instruction is complete will not be due a refund.


Refunds of monies paid to the PCI DEALER’S SCHOOL, INC. for anything other than tuition (such as books) are not included in this refund policy. . Students who paid by cash will be refunded by check. No cash refunds.
AII Student’s that charged their tuition and withdraws will be charged an additional 5%. Refunds will be made within 15 calendar days of withdrawal or expulsion, or date of cancellation,date of termination by the School, or last date of attendance by the Student.


The period of the Student’s attendance must be measured from the first day of instruction as set forth in the enrollment agreement through the Student’s last day of attendance, REGARDLESS OF ABSENCES. The period of time for a training program is the period set forth in the enrollment agreement. Tuition must be calculated using the tuition and fees set forth in the enrollment agreement and DOES NOT INCLUDE BOOKS, in the event of withdrawal. A $25.00 charge will be incurred for non-returnable books.


If, under any circumstances, PCI DEALER’S SCHOOL, INC.has failed to provide to student the course which student has enrolled and paid tuition for, the student shall receive a refund in the amount of 100% of the tuition monies paid.
Any refunds on multi-game packages will be calculated according to PCI’s brochure/website rates.


A lapse in attendance over 30 days qualifies as a termination.
Upon completion of the Program, the Student will receive a Certificate of Completion. Graduates MUST return to PCI no later than 21 days after completion to obtain their certificate, or a charge will made for the certificate.


Student hereby agrees and fully understands that the Instructor/School has made NO REPRESENTATION THAT JOB PLACEMENT IS GUARANTEED OR PROMISED TO GRADUATES OF THE SAME upon completion of the Program.No School is permitted, by law, to make any such guarantee.


There is credit granted for previous courses takes. There MAY BE a reduction in your tuition, which will be determined by the School.
Instructor hereby agrees that once the agreement has been signed for the Program, The School MUST PROVIDE THE PROGRAM AS STIPULATED. Any substantive changes in the Program must be approved by the appropriate commissions.


Any Program changes/modifications are subject to a $50.00 administrative fee.
Student hereby states that he/she read, understands, and has received a copy of this agreement, and that he/she also acknowledges receipt of the School catalogue, understanding that the catalogue is also part of this agreement, catalogues are always available at PCI’s office.


Jesse Lauer


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“The Casino Industry can be very rewarding. PCI hopes to see you in Class”