Frequently Asked Questions Concerning our Programs:

Q – When can I start?

A – You may begin the day after you registerin most cases, (except Poker).

Q – How are the Programs taught?

A – When PCI feels that you are qualified to audition, at that time we will send you out for your audition/interview.

Q. How exactly does your Placement Program work?

A. PCI has built up a vast network of properties over the years. We DO NOT simply hand you a list of Casino’s to go to, but PCI¬†actually sets up your audition/interview for you.

Q. Are your Instructor’s qualified in the fields that they teach?

A. Absolutely. PCI does not bring in “ex-Student’s” to help with the training, but we have only experienced teachers that have dealt for many years.

Q – Is there a Certificate of Completion issued?

A – Yes, all Graduates will receive their Certificate confirming the Program completed.

Q. Can I come in after I get hired?

A. We encourage all Grads to come back to School, not only to share their experiences, but to ask more questions. Your training does not end when you are hired.