Skills Gap 101

Exactly, what does it mean when we say “Skills Gap”? The academic skills demanded by many entry-level jobs today are at a higher level than the academic skills required for post-secondary education. Some of those skills are not only more rigorous, but are also different from the skills required for success in post-secondary education,(in our case, table game dealers). Yet, we continue to focus on getting Student’s prepared for college as the ultimate academic goal, despite the fact that, for two decades business has led the charge for higher academic standards because schools are turning out young adults without the academic skills required to succeed in the workplace.

Here at PCI, we have been encouraging our Student’s to prepare in a unique way, by specializing in the areas of expertise that are in the highest demand, and ultimately, show the highest placement results. Yes, there is most definitely a “skills gap”, so, let’s learn the right “skills”, and we together, can close the “gap”.

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